How to Find the Perfect Piano for You

Beginner Piano Players


When starting on your piano adventure, a beginner must ensure they have a keyboard even to the touch. An uneven set of keys will cause students to fall into poor habits, impact key control, or cause hand injuries.

While used pianos become a prime candidate for beginner players, they also could have worn-out components. The keys should feel gentle under your fingers, as well as react quickly and produce a rich tone.

Concert Pitch

When you have your instruments narrowed down, you want the piano that already remains at concert pitch. That helps you to develop listening skills, as well as appreciate music as it had intended to get heard initially.


A used piano’s tone quality doesn’t matter as much in the beginning but should sound decent enough. Without a sound, both students and listeners won’t stay with it for very long.


The introductory instruments that the Piano Market carries from Yamaha, Kawai, and others, provide the above three requirements. These brands remain relatively affordable, especially as your first purchase.

Upright Pianos


  • Model: U1
  • Price: 4,900 RM
  • Skill Level: Up to Grade 5


  • Models: K8, K20, K35
  • Starting From: 3,900 RM
  • Skill Level: Grades 5 to 6

Intermediate Piano Skills


As students expand their skill level, their piano must prove equally responsive for more accurate notes and richer tones.


Higher-quality instruments should produce a broader range of sounds and timbre. As a result, a player finds it easier to connect on a more emotional level to the tones getting produced.


While the size of an instrument doesn’t matter much to beginners, it becomes a factor as you continue developing skills. A piano, ideally, should remain around 112 cm and 125 cm for its proper height, which does impact its tone.

The taller your piano, for example, the more depth and volume you can hear. Shorter uprights, on the other hand, may sound more muted or muddled when played side by side.

Approximate Price Range

For a blossoming player, expect to pay a little more than what a beginner would spend. The Piano Market has quality upright pianos from 6,000 RM – 7,900 RM, and grands from 11,000 RM to 18,000 RM.

Advanced Piano Buyer


The higher your skill, the more attention you must pay to the touch and feel of your piano. The improved quality of felt, leather, and other action components enables skilled players to manipulate strings and sounds freely.


Players at this level likely begin looking for performance-level sounds. Instruments for your needs will frequently offer advanced double-felted mahogany hammers, upgraded spruce soundboards, and professional-quality wires.

These subtle changes to the piano’s interior help to preserve its lifespan beyond cheaper-made brands. And the better the quality of your inside parts, the richer the tones get made with each key press.


The pianos begin standing taller as they anticipate the needs of live performances. Upright instruments for advanced skill levels often range from 125 cm to 132 cm, while grands can reach 9’ long.

Advanced Piano Price Range

Typically, an advanced player will begin choosing newer instruments over older or used models to improve their live sound quality. At the Piano Market, we sell performance pianos from 7,500 RM to 13,000 RM, and grands beginning at 15,800 RM.

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