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Either because of their weight or their value, many houses in Malaysia have pianos handed down to each new generation. Unfortunately, when no one plays a musical instrument, it often needs piano refurbishing to get it back into peak condition.

Rebuilding a neglected piano, however, takes many different forms, and you need a repair team that offers every repair type. From keeping it in tune to knowing it always stays in step to the beat, you need the Piano Market.

We can restore and renew any make, model, or brand of pianos you have, all at affordable pricing every day. Whether you intend to leave your instrument to your children, or you thought about playing again, choose us for refurbishments.

Our staff keeps your pianos in their best shape, allowing them to sound like new for longer after each visit. Choose us today and see the difference we can make in maintaining your family’s instruments.

Best Malaysia Piano Refurbishing

We know that sometimes, purchasing a piano can feel as overwhelming as buying a new vehicle or computer. With so many different names, types, and sizes, as well as what condition you find them, it quickly gets frustrating.

It also doesn’t help when you have misconceptions about pricing and brands or haven’t listened to a restored piano before. Nearly all brands use slightly different dimensions, as well as body design requirements and materials that need our help.

Luckily for you, our team provides a wide range of piano refurbishing services to maintain your prized processions and heirlooms. Whatever your home has, or which brands that you prefer, we remain your trusted choice for servicing your:

  •         Yamaha
  •         Kawai Pianos
  •         Casio
  •         Steinway & Sons
  •         Essex Pianos
  •         Boston
  •         Baldwin
  •         Charles R. Walter
  •         Upright Piano
  •         Baby Grand Pianos
  •         Grand Pianos
  •         And more.

We have years of perfecting our craft, and we can refurbish any types of piano that you have for us. See the difference our staff makes in maintaining your instruments and save more on your best results each time.

Malaysia Piano Refurbishing Near Me

From the outside, it doesn’t seem as though a piano has that many pieces and parts. However, there remains much to maintain from strings to hammers and body repairs, and we can help with it all.

Some people intend to sell theirs once they refurbish it, while others look forward to hearing it play once again. Whatever you need from us, we can assist you now with the best in local solutions for:

  •         Cabinet Refinishing
  •         Interior Restoration
  •         Body Repairs & Restoration
  •         New String Installation
  •         Damper Blocks
  •         Felt Hammers
  •         Key Cover Cleaning
  •         Key Restoration
  •         Plate Dressing & Regliding
  •         Piano Painting & Lacquer
  •         Tuning & Regulating
  •         Piano Pick Up & Delivery
  •         And more piano restoration services.

When you need a reliable and affordable choice for your piano refurbishing needs, you always count on us for results. Choose the Piano Market today to save more on any maintenance service options and keep pianos sounding like new.

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