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One expense you can’t forget about when owning a musical instrument is the cost of maintaining it year after year. And when it’s time to search for piano repairs, it doesn’t always seem easy to find a convenient store nearby.

From keeping your instrument in tune to knowing that it will last a lifetime, you need professional maintenance options now. At the Piano Market, we provide the best in local piano repairs for any components or brands that you have.

Pianos remain among the most popular instruments more households in Malaysia choose, either for fun or as a life-long hobby. They also add a touch of elegance into any home, and today’s upright models save tons of space over grands.

Whatever types or manufacturers that you prefer, we can help you keep them all in peak condition all year long. Contact us to schedule a repair appointment or drop by the store today to keep your pianos maintained for less.

Piano Repair Services Malaysia

Avid players should have repairs performed at least once every six months to maintain the instrument’s original sound and tone. However, it gets harder to remember when to get your pianos repaired when you already have so many other responsibilities.

Our shop keeps your instruments in top form no matter what concerns you might have for us to address today. From regular wear and tear to severe problems preventing you from practicing, we always have a solution ready to go.

You can rely on our team for any repair needs your instruments have, and we always provide restoration services also. Contact us for your maintenance needs now and save more on a broad range of service options, including our best:

  •         Piano Tuning
  •         Piano Restoration
  •         Loose Tuning Block
  •         Loose Tuning Pins
  •         Keybed Cleaning
  •         Cracked Soundboard
  •         Warped Wood Surface
  •         Warped Keys
  •         Replacement Felt Hammers
  •         Piano Regulation
  •         Missing/Damaged Strings
  •         Piano Action Repairs
  •         And more piano repairs.

We act as your instrument mechanic’s shop to ensure you always sound your best no matter who your audience remains. Choose us for any piano repair solutions and save more on your maintenance needs today.

Malaysia Piano Repairs Near Me

As your convenient choice in piano repairs, we will do our best to take care of your instruments each time. We can even offer to move it from your home to our store, or you can bring us smaller components.

Most owners don’t realize how much quality their instruments have lost when compared to their original condition until they listen. Once we show them, and their ears, our handiwork, you will understand the value we offer for your favorite pianos.

From family heirloom instruments to newer models, our trained staff knows how to get the most out of them all. And another easy way to save on maintenance proves getting service performed twice a year for straightforward tuning adjustments.

Repairing your piano doesn’t have to seem expensive each time. Choose the Piano Market today for all your maintenance needs.

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